PapaJ & Gruno Archives

Some of my favorite shows have been when my good friend Gruno has come over and co-hosted with me. Our discussions are candid, light hearted, goofy and often explicit. Discretion is advised due to language. 

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Gruno_andPJ_Moments Highlights Promo
PJandGruno-RollCallOriginal The ORIGINAL - Goofing on our good friend Carnival Man (DLBN DJ)
PJandGruno_Roll_Call_Mambo More Carney Goofing
PJandGruno_Yet_another_RollCall Still more!
GrunoGrabstheGoods At the Neal Morse Testimony Show, Gruno confronts a fan making an unauthorized video
QueerEyeForSaddamGuy Maybe this one "over top"
Saddam_Interview  Just after found living in hole
ChapelHillOverturewithGruno Gruno calls in with Nick D'Virgilio following his appearance at ProgDay in North Carolina
From a Show in February 2006
110 Pcnt Pro Opening "Is This On?"
Starting The Show We got it all working
Muted and JF Poop Story Extraordinary things that happen to everyday people
The Reality Show Gruno talks about his appearance on Gene Simmons show
Raggin on Kevin, Sheryl, KNH and more Everybody Sucks
Raggin on Canada, Mexicans  and The Fight Still more trash talk
Raggin Todd Rundgen Now wait, I LOVE Todd
Final Break Wrapping it all up