Home Made Humor

Misc. Radio Bits

Jihads 'n The Hood Gun Shoppe and Gangsta Supply
Inspired by a billboard in the Las Vegas airport inviting tourists to stop by a local gun shop and test fire a machine gun!

The Pain of Recording with Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation)
Rare footage from the recording of SCARSick where Danny demonstrates vocal style for bro Kristoffer

George Harrison Movie Quotes
He's the Guvnuh!

James Don't Speak PapaJ
James LaBree of Dream Theater struggles to get the wording right for a Matinee Promo.

"Candid" Interview w/James LaBree
Jas speaks out about DT and life on the road, just before the 6DOIT Tour. PJ edits the crap out of it.

Pro Broadcasting for Dummies (PT 1)
PJ demonstrates the fine art of sound editing

Pro Broadcasting for Dummies (PT 2)
How to produce a professional promo

Gay Floyd - A Tribute to Pink
Goofy commercial pushing a new "tribute" CD

Professional Interviewing Techniques
PJ gives some pointers on how to interview famous artists

Speaking Clearly
PJ demonstrates how a 110% professional DJ should speak

Tony Montana - Motivational Speaker
That's right, SCARFACE himself gives an inspiring talk 

The Balzac Incident
A candid recounting of a painful and treacherous incident on the toilet

Suicide Spiders
PJ talks of a conspiracy being mounted against him by neighborhood spiders

Lana Married to Brother Ron
During a special live appearance on the Matinee, Lana Lane calls me Ron and John in the same sentence

PJ Sings - The Sound of Music
The multi-faceted no talent hack demonstrates his vocal ability

PJ Sings - Just Like a Woman
PJ covers the Dylan classic with a little help from Carnival Man

Rare Footage from The Musical Box Load-In
Audio from the Musical Box concert, setting up with the French Canadian crew

Stephen Hawking's Girlfriend Begs for PapaJ
The title says it all

Frank (Moondog) Interviews the Robot from Lost in Space
Created as a lampoon on a bit that Frank did, I ended upspending over 4 hours creating this ludicrous bit

The Story of Titanic Johnson
Set to an Ambrosia song, this LONG bit recounts how PJ got the nickname "Titanic Johnson". It just keeps going and going. As PJ often says, "If a thing's worth doing, it's worth OVERdoing". This is clearly the case here.

Workout With Carnival Man
The target of endless goofing provides the rhythm for calisthenics

Bitches Ain't Bleep
Ben Folds covers the Dr. Dre classic, tastefully edited to remove profanity

PJ Sings - Bitches Ain't Sh*t
An a-capella rendition of this classic that tugs on your heart strings. Recorded in the car while driving to work. ***WARNING*** This bit contains excessive profanity and stupidity

The Jokebot - Oprah
A stupid joke

PSA for National Eating Disorders
Stupid low-brow Public Service Announcement

Louie Does Himself
The infamous teacup Chihuahua takes care of business

Koggie Loves the Skin Flute
YTSEJAM.COM webmaster during a Matinee call-in professes his love for the skin flute

ow and Recurring Features
Original Matinee Intro.
 This epic was in use for years at the DLBN network

The Infamous SlaughterFest Ad (an old & funny promo - pitched metal show () at the Whittier Venue that never materialized)